Beat Valley is an ark for the dinosaurs. A window for Coyote.

This is an arena for fiction and essays, with a preference for mapping the hypothetical. We also publish original photos and artwork, and pictures stolen from your wide world of websites. As often as needed, there will be commentary on new African music.

What do we mean mapping the hypothetical? Beat Valley likes stories that live in the same pocket of theatrical what-if inhabited by poetry and song. Beat Valley also believes in Telling Children the Truth, and so do we care about the provenance of documents and interviews when publishing reportage. But we are far more interested in experiments than conclusions. Beat Valley tries to make performances, not proofs.

There will be an infrequent print issue, and chapbooks of stories available for download.

Beat Valley’s editors are self-educated and underemployed. We have been bagel bakers, carpenters, pallet-jack operators, bartenders, background actors, bicycle delivery riders, clerks at video stores and liquor stores. We have been paid to write for the Onion, SPIN, Outside, the Stranger, SF Weekly, Huffington Post and counterfeit term-paper mills.

Beat Valley is the trough on the curve of a wave’s motion. A harbor for bums, a corner for fighters. The bottoms of your lungs.

We are the low down.

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