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Originally, Beat Valley Press was a series of free fiction chapbooks made in San Francisco in 2008, hand-folded and distributed by bicycle to local bookstores.

The advantages of worldwide high technology were well known to Beat Valley’s founders at the time, yet it was believed that delivering enjoyment specific to place and chance, in a medium reliant on hand-to-hand communication, might have a somehow stronger proof in a climate where every publisher who broadcast herself seemed like just more ice melting in the liquor.

And it was fun. Finding Beat Valley in those days was like meeting a girl at the concert.

The plan was: little books lead to an occasional pasted-up circular, with a lot of pictures and more contributing writers. But then Beat Valley’s publisher took a job at an existing magazine, and things got really busy, and for a while there weren’t any Beat Valley books.

In 2011, Beat Valley Press returns with the release of a new chapbooks series, and the first print issue of the journal. You’re invited to submit artwork, photographs, or writing for publication.

Beat Valley still wants to put its contributors on paper, but we now also have a vision for using the distributive properties of the internet designed to support uniquely our print projects — this electronic countertop which, beside more frequent digital material and audio-visual media, gives unlimited immediate access to the printed titles. The introduction of already means you don’t have to locate one out in the world, like some secret root, to turn the pages of a Beat Valley book.

Just download one of the titles below and follow the simple lesson to make your very own booklet. All you need is a printer and a few sheets of paper.


Beat Valley Classics now available for download:

The Devil & King Christophe by Lars Russell

how to make your chapbook!

“Notice how an umlaut civilizes, makes a little crown above the word.”

The Ecstatic Trail by Lane Bicycle

how to make your chapbook!

“Some people get stuck with lice or cursed by psychotic daydreams.”

Before the Law by Nididakes Seferiades

how to make your chapbook!

“A trap of time let me live months in my own flesh, baked even by the empty sky while elsewhere all stitches in the pattern I was making got torn out.”

New titles available soon!

Want more Beat Valley books?

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