folding instructions

Now you’ve downloaded the digital version of your Beat Valley chapbook. Here is how to fold the sheets into a readable booklet:

(1) Print the .pdf and align the sheets so the cover image is in the bottom right corner, with the odd-numbered pages 1, 3, 5, 7… behind it in that same bottom right corner. (2) Now fold this stack of sheets exactly in half, top to bottom, so that the cover page still shows. (3) Then fold in half again, left to right, so that the cover image remains to the outside. You may want to tighten the creases by running your finger firmly over these folds.

Now your packet of papers is shaped like a booklet. But you can’t turn the pages! (4) Unfold the packet and separate each sheet. (5) Now fold each sheet individually, along the existing creases, so each sheet becomes a separate booklet-like shell, and (6) nest these folded shells within one another: cover page to the outside, page 1 inside the cover, page 3 inside page 1 and so on….

Double-check your page numbering and tighten your folds one last time. Your chapbook is complete! If you want, you can (7) bind your chapbook by stapling, or tying or sewing a thread, across the middle fold—but if you’ve folded tight creases and square corners, your chapbook should hold together on its own. Now read!

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