why donate?

Transforming publishing involves more than meets the eye. Producing Beat Valley requires time and creative resources of a dedicated team of artists, as well as voluntary submissions from readers.

To help build an enterprise that can begin offering pay to its writers and contributors in the future, Beat Valley is being developed free from investors. Certain of the features took months of research, and considerable cost to their authors to report. No one working on the project makes any money from Beat Valley at this time, and all donations will be directed into transforming the journal into a full-time professional operation with a print publishing component.

Beat Valley plans to offer merchandise and interactive social fundraising options in the future. For now you are welcome to send any amount you find fair to our PayPal account.

If you would rather not support Beat Valley, please instead give to ICONforkids.org.

If you’d like to learn another way to donate beside PayPal, contribute in some form other than money, know more specifically what donations are used for, lodge a complaint about why an obscure, unproven interdisciplinary (poorly disciplined?) web journal should ask for a slice of your income or have any other questions, please don’t be shy.

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