Beat Valley produces hand-lettered literary attire so you can wrap yourself in words or wear your reading on your sleeve!


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Obscure trails. Striped puzzles. Interlapping waves in scrolling recession. Medieval eyes seldom knew the ribboned hypnosis of a field of text. Primitive eyes never. But a fat stack of words in public attracts notice, invites curiosity.

Especially when, like graffiti on a city wall, it’s bold, colorful and appears where someone says it shouldn’t.

Beat Valley considers barbaric the prevailing taste for fashion-as-invisibility. So we offer, as a suit of armor, suits of words—to defend your identity against the salarymen in grey fabrics and blank skirts. You are a writer. Or a reader. Or you want to be seen. So express yourself.



Each piece of Beat Valley clothing is an original, one-of-its-kind artcraft. The block lettering is applied using fabric-sensitive paints, markers or tools appropriate to the material, and sealed to keep from smudging or rubbing off.

The first series of unique items is coming soon, early in 2011, and will be featured on this space. Please bookmark this page or follow @beat_valley on Twitter if you want to learn when they become available.

We also make custom creations, using any piece of clothing or text selection of your choosing. Please contact Beat Valley to inquire about a custom order.

You may submit your own writing to be lettered onto the attire, or a sample from your favorite book, story or poem. Even if previously-published work is copyrighted, Beat Valley clothing transforms the words into sufficiently new medium and context to constitute legal fair use. Should any writer or publisher challenge this usage under property protections, Beat Valley will assume all legal responsibility in the matter.

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